Foot care in the privacy of your home...

Call (314) 258-2543 for nursing foot care.  In a comfortable setting, we painlessly:
  • Trim overgrown, unsightly and diseased nails
  • Improve foot stability through nail and callus reduction
  • Improve the fit of your shoes, which helps prevent falls
  • Offer tips on healthy foot maintenance

We provide non-cosmetic routine foot care to those who need individual home visits not offered by other medical professionals.

Our Team

Krista Sieve, RN/BSN

Foot-Loose was founded by Krista Sieve, RN/BSN, a Board Certified Foot Nurse and a graduate of Saint Louis University.  Krista specializes in care for clients with diabetes and neuropathy.  Krista is not accepting new clients at this time.

Julie Beard, CNA

Julie is a certified nurse assistant trained by Krista to provide routine foot care to the homebound.  Julie also has a doctorate in adult education and massage training.  

Home Visit 
One hour session includes toenail trimming. callus sanding, and moisturizing.

St. Charles County:  $65
St. Louis County: $75
Other Counties: $85

Cost includes my travel from West St. Charles County.  (Ask about discounts.)

Buddy Visits - $45 per person 
Two or more clients in the same location are charged a flat rate of $45 for each person.  

Call about options for those needing foot care who are in financial distress.

To make an appointment with Julie, call (314) 258-2543 or email her at  

The photos below show “Before” and “After” examples of Julie’s work reducing diseased nails and painful calluses.